Viking Coffee Company is a micro coffee roastery, roasting out of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
Our goal is to deliver the freshest coffee in Bucks. Our process is pretty simple, the green coffee is imported from specially selected farms and smallholdings around the world, our blends are consistently available, and our single origins on offer are updated from time to time for variety.
How we roast depends on the coffee, a coffee with chocolate or caramel like notes we'll roast a bit slower and steadier, African coffees that tend to be floral and brighter we'll roast a bit hotter and faster. This is a general rule though and the profile we roast to is achieved through a bit of trial and error when we first get a coffee in.
viking coffee green
viking coffee roaster temprature
We roast on a Trentate, a British made roaster from the 70's. A lot of roasters these days are high tech machines with sensors and thermometers all over the place.
We rely on sight, smell, noise (coffee has two stages where it pops and cracks to indicate different levels of roast) and a single handheld thermometer. This truly is artisan roasted coffee.
viking coffee sample spoon 
viking coffee shopping bag
The coffee is then bagged straight away ready for you to order. We roast small batches a few times a week so we can keep a steady stream of really fresh coffee going out to you.

Have a browse of what we have on offer, if you'd like to keep up to date with all things Viking, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram or sign up to our newsletter, if you have a specific question please do contact us.