Grind Guide

Unsure on which grind you need? Hopefully this helps, the below table starts at wholebean and goes down in order of fineness


Grind Use
Wholebean How the coffee comes out of the roaster. This is for you if you have your own grinder or if you have a machine that takes whole coffee beans.
Cafetiere This is what you want if you use a cafetiere (AKA French Press), it's a coarse grind, even more so than the grind you've probably used previously from mass produced/packaged coffee. It's perfectly suited to the longer brew time (3 mins) you use in a cafetiere
Filter This is the grind you're probably used to, suited well for filter machines. We'd recommend investing in a grinder to grind at home but if you don't have one and want to brew our coffee in your cafetiere AND your V60, this is the one to go for
V60 Perfectly suited for the V60 dripper
Perfectly suited for the Aeropress
Stovetop Great for stovetop coffee makers 
Espresso  Perfectly fine for that perfect espresso