How to use a V60 dripper

The Hario V60 dripper looks like a simple bit of kit but the unique spiral ridges that work their way up the sides allowing the air to move up and out as the hot coffee drips into your cup, creates some of the best coffee you'll have ever made. You can order here!


V60 dripper
V60 filter
Cup or jug
12g coffee
200g water

 v60 viking coffee co beserkr

Part 1

Put the filter into the V60. 

Boil your kettle and pour some of the boiled water through and wet the filter, this will ensure you don't get a papery taste in your coffee. 

Part 2

If you have beans, grind them coarse, about the consistency of sand, or you can order a perfect V60 grind from Viking Coffee Co!

Get your V60 and mug onto your scales, reset your scales to 0 and add 12g of coffee, once you've done this reset again to 0.

v60 beserkr viking coffee co
v60 viking coffee co beserkr brew guide

Part 3

By now your kettle should have cooled to the perfect coffee brewing temperature, about 93°C.

Start your timer and pour 50g of water onto your coffee fairly quickly, ensuring all grounds are covered. The coffee should start to bloom (swell and bubble). Give the V60 a swirl to saturate the coffee, you want to ensure all of the coffee is covered.

Part 4

Once the timer hits 30s start pouring in a circular motion, you want to get 50g of water in 10s, then when the timer hits 60s pour another 50g in 10s, then once the timer hits 90, another 50g in 10s, at 120s another 50g in 10s. On the final pour give the V60 another swirl and tap it back down on the cup/beaker. Your aim here is to end up with a flat bed of coffee at the bottom of the dripper, no coffee on the sides by about 2:30.

This method is essentially 50g of water taking 10s at every 30s.

Remove the dripper, throw away the used filter and you're good to go.

v60 viking coffee co beserkr brew guide