How to use an Aeropress

The Aerobie Aeropress is a fantastically versatile bit of kit. Not only does it make a great pour over coffee, it's very portable great for camping and backpacking, but of course brilliant in your kitchen or office. Get one here.


Aeropress filters
16g coffee

 aeropress beserkr viking coffee co 

Step 1

Put an Aeropress filter into the screw cap and screw it onto the Aeropress.

Pour in some boiled water through the filter, this will ensure you don't get a papery taste in your coffee, pour this water away.

Step 2

If you have beans, grind them to a medium about the consistency of salt, or you can order a perfect Aeropress grind from Viking Coffee Co

Get your Aeropress and mug onto your scales, reset your scales to 0 and add 16g of coffee, once you've done this reset again to 0.

 aeropress viking coffee co brew guide beserks

aeropress brew guide viking coffee co beserkr

Step 3

By now your kettle should have cooled to the perfect coffee brewing temperature, about 93°C.

Start your timer and pour 250g of water onto the grounds.

Grab your stirrer and vigorously agitate the coffee, you want to make sure you get good extraction from the coffee.

Step 4

Pop the plunger into the top of the Aeropress as quickly as you can, this will create a vacuum which will stop the coffee from passing through into your cup.

Once your timer has hit 1min 20s start to press until all of the coffee has filtered through to your cup, this should take about 30 seconds.

aeropress brew guide viking coffee co beserkr